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Moose Jaw Express June 20, 2018

Congratulations Graduates

Grade 12 students are completing their final high school exams and looking forward to their graduation ceremonies next week.  Graduation from high school is a momentous occasion, in many ways a rite of passage. It signifies a step into the adult world.

My advice to graduates is to search your interests and strengths, find your passion, and pursue it. There are so many opportunities for a promising future for graduates here in our community and right across our province.

Saskatchewan is a great place to live and to work; or advancing into continued learning with excellent options for post-secondary education. Students can take advantage of more than 20 programs at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Moose Jaw. The Schools of Business; Construction; Hospitality and Tourism; Information and Communication Technology; Mining, Energy, and Manufacturing; Natural Resources and Built Environment; and the School of Transportation prepare students for fulfilling careers. Many of the credits gained can be transferred to university degree programs if so chosen. Online courses and apprenticeships also expand the possibilities.

I am always honoured to be invited to nearby Briercrest College for special occasions and events. Briercrest also has degree courses to offer. Saskatchewan has an impressive variety of ways to pursue high quality post-secondary education. There are six affiliated colleges, four federated colleges, eight regional colleges, and two aboriginal and northern educational institutions located throughout the province and associated with the Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan. Private vocational schools offer over 160 programs in a many different careers.

Education is the engine that drives our knowledge-based economy. Our government believes investing in education is one of the best things we can do which is why we are committed to keeping post-secondary education accessible and affordable.

The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship is an example of our government’s commitment to the future of our students and our province. The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship provides all new grade 12 graduates, including Adult Basic Education and GED® students, up to $500 per year, to a lifetime maximum of $2,000, to be applied to their tuition costs at a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution. If students choose to live and work in Saskatchewan after graduating, the Graduate Retention Program rewards these graduates by providing a tax credit of up to $20,000 for their education costs.

Student loans are available through the Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan program.

Students will be automatically considered for grants from both the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan when applying for a student loan. Grant amounts are calculated based on the number of weeks of study and family income. Extensive information about post-secondary education opportunities and financial support is available at http://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/education-and-learning.

Congratulations to all Moose Jaw high school graduates.  I wish you all the best for a successful and fulfilling future as you seek the skills and knowledge needed to pursue your dreams.

Premier Scott Moe made a visit to Moose Jaw last Thursday. Thank you to all who came to the breakfast and welcomed him, and to the Chamber of Commerce for hosting the event. Those in attendance appreciated the Premier’s presentation and reassurance that he will represent the best interests of our province and continue to fight the imposition of a federal carbon tax that would increase our cost of living, hurt our competitiveness and harm our provincial economy.