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A Message From Warren

“Thank you” doesn’t appropriately describe the feeling of appreciation toward the citizens of Moose Jaw in my final days as your elected representative to the Saskatchewan Legislature. Over the past 12 years there has been significant development in economic growth and social improvements with lowered taxes, greater revenue sharing for the City of Moose Jaw, substantial investment into local school renovations, increased child care spaces, and new public housing units. Such advancements included the overwhelming community support in the construction of FH Wigmore Hospital, Yara Centre and Mosaic Place. Construction of the SaskPower electrical generation plant has begun and we are looking forward to the building of a new joint use school here in Moose Jaw. I am most grateful for the confidence you placed in me over the past 13 years and appreciative for the privilege of serving our province and our city on your behalf. Thank you for your support, for the meaningful conversations and the friendly relationships established during this time. I am forever grateful to this friendly community and the positive people who make this a special place to live, to work, to enjoy and to retire. Along with my wife Debbie, I extend our most sincere appreciation and thanks to each and every one. God Bless our City, and our Province. Thank You!

Warren's Invitation

Warren's Personal Invitation to you.

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Tours and Greetings

Legislative tours and Lieutenant Governor special greetings

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Constituency Map

The Moose Jaw North Constituency Map

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