326 B High Street West Moose Jaw, SK

Moose Jaw Times Herald, December 2, 2017

Goodbye and Thank You

It is with great sadness that I write this last column for the Moose Jaw Times-Herald. Beginning as “The Times” in 1889, and running continuously ever since, the Moose Jaw Times-Herald has helped build our community.  It is hard to imagine the significance of newspapers in the past, when today we have all kinds of ways to keep up with the news.  The Times-Herald came into existence long before radio or telephones. Even when radios and televisions became common in our homes, the newspaper was the source for in-depth, detailed news and information.  For 128 years, The Times-Herald has been the local voice of news, covering important issues that informed and assisted in the development of Moose Jaw.

The Times-Herald has helped develop our community by enlightening the public and alerting our citizens to opportunities and advances.  The newspaper promoted goods and services in businesses of every sector; restaurants, agriculture, manufacturing and construction.  It has been a catalyst in forging a strong community for the citizens of Moose Jaw and area.  The details of local news and sports, and articles of local interest, found in the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, drew people together and built our community.

Of significant interest is the fact that from 1894-1895, the owner-editor of the newspaper was Walter Scott, who later became the first Premier of Saskatchewan.  I find this most intriguing as I was employed at the Times-Herald prior to being elected to the Legislature in 2007.

Everything in the production of the newspaper was done locally for most of their 128 years.  From gathering the information, through to editing, printing and delivery, the steps required to publish a daily paper employed many people.  Many notable employees, from reporters to sales executives, got their careers started at the Times-Herald, and either advanced locally, or moved on to greater opportunities in the field of journalism and beyond.  Well-known CBC radio host, the late Peter Gzowski, was once the city editor of the Times-Herald.

Our hearts go out to the many women and men who went far beyond the call of duty to create the success of the paper and of our city.  We wish them well in their next employment venture.  In particular, I want to thank Richard Smith, who delivered papers to downtown customers for 19 years, and delivered to the Constituency Office ever since I was elected.  Thank you, Richard, for faithfully getting that paper to us, no matter what the weather.

It will indeed be a sad day when we see the doors close for the last time.  The end of the Times-Herald will leave a void in the lives of many in Moose Jaw and surrounding area.  The home delivery will be missed by those who enjoyed the local flavour of the news and sports.  Moose Jaw will not be the same when the distinguished bright neon light in the heart of our city is turned off for the final time. Thank you, Moose Jaw Times-Herald, for your positive community involvement and for the countless stories you’ve delivered to our community for more than one hundred years.